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Please Follow Our Simple Step By Step Instruction To Complete Your Order:
First Step: Select the Item

Click the item you want to purchase. For the order process please click Add to Cart Button.

Step 2:  View Cart

 The next Step is your shopping cart items. This page shows what are the items in your cart. Your selected Item information.

* Click Continue Shopping Button if you want to add other items.

* Click Empty  Button if you want to empty your shopping cart.

* Click the Update Cart Button if you like to remove specific item
 only from the cart. Please select the item first the one you want to remove. and if you want to  change the quantity, pls put the quantity and click the Update cart button

* Click the Checkout Button to go on the next step.

Step 3: Billing and Shipping Information

That's the most important part to complete the payments.

 For new customer fill up the Billing Form and Shipping Form. Please be sure you fill up all necessary information correctly.

For Shipping Information
pls write the complete address with street name and brgy name.  If you are confused with state in shipping address, you just select any. also the postal code just put any if you are not sure about.

Two most important fields, Delivery Date and Contact Number of the recipient. we cant continue delivery without delivery date and valid contact number of the recipient.

Put your User Name and Password if you want to create an account in our site. Its not mandatory but we highly recommended to you create an account in our site, so that every time you order, no need to fill all the information again. Just use user name and password to complete next time when you order.

Step 4: Payment Method

The next step is the Payment Method. Choose the payment option you like by clicking the Continue Button under that payment option table.
* You can pay using your Credit card
* You can pay by Money transfer through Western Union or Bank

Step 5: Order Review

This page you can review your order information with billing and shipping information. At the top is the Item details. If there is any correction pls click customer Information at the top under Order review.

Please write your Greeting here. Pls make sure greeting mess not too long.

and all the information is correct please click the Process Order

Credit Card And PayPal Payment

If you choose to pay through credit card or Paypal you will be redirected to paypal website our payment gateway. Here if you want to pay through Paypal just put your paypal email address and password then log in. after that just follow the instruction..

For the credit card payment without Paypal account please click ( Do Not have Paypal Account. Pay with your debit and credit card as a Paypal guest). After that just follow the instruction how to pay through credit card.. After order successfully complete you will received an email from Paypal out this serve as your receipt you can either print or save it.

Western Union or Bank Transfer:

If you choose Pay using Western Union/Bank Transfer you have to complete the order using payment method of Western union or bank Transfer. Then You have to go to the nearest Western Union branch or bank in your place and send the total amount of your order to the authorized person of Click the link below to see the information you need:
* Western Union
* Bank Transfer